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The Community Assistance Project, Inc. is a non-profit entity. They are the parent company to and advocacy project called Fall River Fights Addiction. The founder and CEO of CAP is Gene St. Pierre. Gene is in long term recovery from heroin addiction and alcoholism. After he completed a two-year Behavior program Gene began his studies to become a chemical dependency professional. After 25 years working in several different modalities and models of treatment she retired and 2010 after cancer surgery.

While helping people on his Facebook page to seek and navigate detoxification for addiction Gene noticed there was a tremendous gap in the understanding of how to seek or even find addiction treatment.

Now retired for several years Gene decided to make a Facebook program and begin to provide assistance to families and addicts to navigate and obtain addiction treatment. It was at that point that gave birth to Fall River fights addiction.

A local marketing firm reached out offering their assistance and support as they felt it was a great and much needed service. At that point the marketing company began to build the Facebook page and promote it and at one point had 50,000 people reached in a week Those numbers we’re not sustainable because of lack of volunteers.

Soon it was clear that more needed to be done. With the advice of local businessmen and attorneys the Community Assistance Project Incorporated was filed with the state of Massachusetts. The program is now doing small fundraising events to provide services where they can such as putting together warm items to give to the homeless for the winter, planning an event for at-risk youth, looking at a way of assisting the veterans and senior population in their community. So it was the publicity of addiction and the lack of attention it was receiving that propels a small Facebook page to become a state licensed non-profit organization.

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